Pink Neon Paint Pigment


Pink Neon Paint Pigment in 25 Gram Bag (treats one quart of sprayable clear).

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You can make your own pink fluorescent paint to use on Vehicles, Walls, Bikes, Motorcycles very easily. Our pigments can all be mixed together and combined to make one-of-a-kind colors.

Pink Neon Paint Pigment

  • Each Bag treats 1 sprayable quart of clear.
  • Gives an ultra bright appearance. Good in Black Light.
  • Can be used in solvent based paints. Recommended that you let it soak in reducer / thinner for at least an hour.
  • Will create a Pink Neon paint that can be sprayed or brushed on.
  • Recommended for limited exposure to sunlight. (all fluorescent paints have a tendency to fade without proper UV protection).
  • can be mixed or top coated with any of our Phantom Pearls ® or Ghost Colorshift Pearls ® in order to achieve incredible effects.
  • Try combining colors to create a one-of-a-kind color.

We recommend starting with 1 25 gram bag per quart of sprayable clear paint/binder or 1/2 bag per pound of clear powder coat. These are all just starting ratios and can be adjusted for your specific use.

If you have any reservations about whether our products work in vehicle dip, you should know that we were the pioneers who introduced Plasti Dip Pearls to the world.

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Pink Neon Paint Pigment


This Pink Neon paint pigment is so bright that it can show up well under black lights and almost seems to have it’s own glowing effect.
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